Counselling & Psychotherapy

Life is full of challenges, difficulties and pain. Some expected and some unexpected. The goal of counselling and psychotherapy is to help you manage the challenges, difficulties and pain while you do the things that are important to you, work towards the goals you have set for yourself and live the life you want to live. 

As your psychologist, I will support you to discover ways to respond to the difficulties you experience that are consistent with the things that are important to you. 


I will use up-to-date science and therapeutic processes to help you discover new ways of living your life that support you to be flexible, courageous and kind to yourself as you manage life's difficulties and pain. 

Performance Coaching

I have over 25 years of experience supporting people to achieve study and work performance goals.

I utilise evidence-based psychological processes designed to help people identify what is important, make more consistent moves towards their values and monitor and evaluate their progress towards clearly defined goals. 

I have extensive experience working in the tertiary education sector and understand the unique pressures that committing to tertiary study brings.


I work with clients to develop psychological skills that support study and work performance. 

Gender & Sexuality

We all share unique experiences of gender and sexuality. 


At times we might experience conflict with our gender and sexual identity and how we want to express ourselves. Conflict might be with external forces (societal ideas and rules about gender and sexuality that don't fit our experiences) or internal forces (thoughts, feelings, urges and sensations related to gender and sexuality) that we find uncomfortable and challenging. These conflicts can impact our sense of self-worth, experiences of belonging and our ability to enjoy relationships and live life in our preferred ways. 

For some people gender, sex and sexuality are not easy issues to talk about. I am committed to sensitively helping you celebrate who you are, commit to what is important to you and learn how to be comfortable with yourself as a unique and wonderful human being. 

Proud & Thriving

Psychology supporting individuals, couples, groups and organisations thrive